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An epic, life-changing, 8-week journey to find meaning, contribution & 


I'm ready



An epic, life-changing, 8-week journey
to find
meaning, contribution & fulfillment

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I get it. You're smart, successful, and
look like you've got your sh*t together.

But on the inside . . .


Any of these
sound familiar?

I'm stuck, stressed, overwhelmed. How do I get out of here?

Despite all that I’ve achieved, I don’t feel successful

I’ve got so much more to give than my job allows

We love each other, but why is my relationship so hard

What’s up with the world, it all seems so bleak out there

I hear you. Life is tough right now.

And all of these thoughts are actually normal in a world that seems to be falling apart.

The good news is . . . 


This is your soul calling,


reminding you there is a whole different life waiting for you, where wonder, joy and curiosity are constant companions and it's never too late for adventure.

soul calling is an 8-week group coaching for men ready to break out of stuck, to set a new direction and start living a meaningful, successful and joyful life, now!


It's time to listen deeply

 to the calling of your soul.

If you're ready to;

Uncover a compelling sense of Purpose but don't know where to start

Remember the feeling of agency + potential that you thought had gone

Be in purposeful motion again after a while spent going in circles

Savour your key relationships including the one with yourself 

Feel passionate about something, anything - even if you're not exactly sure what

 Start a brand new adventure even if you've got a little too friendly with the couch

Enjoy the satisfaction of beating your own expectations again even if it's been a while

This is not just another training, it's a transformational group experience.  

So expect exercises and conversations to help you find new depths inside. Expect to be challenged, to feel uncomfortable as you grow. All of this happens with the support and encouragement of other men, equally committed to a new story for their lives. 

what it looks like:

8 powerful modules to get you
into powerful new action
9 weekly group coaching
calls to support you
A 1-hour coaching call with Jon
Email and text access to Jon throughout
Powerful tools and
visualizations you can use
whenever, wherever you
need them
Membership of the men on purpose FB
community to learn with and exchange
support with other men writing
new life stories
All of this starts January 31.
Group calls are on Wednesday 6 - 8pm PST.

meet your group host

I’ve been a transformational coach since before that was even a thing. I’ve led transformation for individuals, communities and companies on 6 continents. I’ve assembled some of the most powerful tools available and have learned to identify the points of highest leverage where these have exponential results.

Over the years I’ve had great success, a coach but also a published author, TEDx speaker and sought after consultant. But I’ve had even more learning from my own set-backs, hardships and dark nights of the soul. Everything I teach has been proven in my own life.

call to action

let's get started

I’ve got strategies
now, where before
I was winging it.

It made the biggest difference with cultivating
and maintaining an enthusiasm level and sense
of perspective for the bigger picture and my
bigger goals and long term goals.

It was super helpful to have a
wise and soulful space to speak
into and to feel supported

You radiate love, wisdom, compassion and creativity.

I need to express my admiration for your incredible skill at
inspiring others, speaking from your heart, and dealing
with all the issues that arise from being human.

You have a gift of empowering those around you
to not only find what calls to them but also to act on it.

Jon Symes may be the first authentic male role-model of my life.

I read your book last night and LOVE it.
Thanks for gifting the world with your wisdom and inspiration!

I wanted to thank you personally for experiencing your leadership, guidance, openness, integrity, vulnerability and humanness.

Your light shines brighter than a thousand suns, there could not be anyone better than you to inspire thousands of young and old around the world to awaken.

Questions? Answers!

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