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Meeting the Moment

As a thought leader and speaker . . .

. . .  I’m aiming to bring inspiration, encourage exploration and craft space for transformation. These are three of the most powerful compounds in the alchemical process of creating new possibilities. Sometimes this comes out as poetry.

Working with men . . .

. . . we’re liberating ourselves from the grip of patriarchal culture and learning to step into healthy masculine expression. We explore the timeless role of men in protecting life and the very timely need for us to make space for our women to rise up and bring the feminine wisdom they uniquely holds.

our hopes and dreams roll back the gloom to expose possibilities once obscured by ignorance and folly

What we have in common . . .

. . . is in the challenge of meeting the moment. This moment which can be overwhelming and more than a bit scary (at least for me). This moment which has chosen us to be its human expression. This moment suspended between what is familiar-but-insufficient and the not-yet-seen. This moment which calls for our best selves and deepest hearts.

But how to remain resourceful and optimistic every day? Deal with what-is and dream about what-could-be? Where even to start making a difference? Maybe you have some of the same conversation with yourself. A shared inquiry . . .

. . . how will we meet this moment?

it may just be that the great dream of evolving creation is that we come reverent and wise enough to offer our planet home to the ascension of the next spiral


Meeting the Moment

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