The Gathering Tribe

A light is glimmering in the dark,
flickering and growing firmer, 
constant now and stronger
by our stories,
told and retold they keep the shadows at bay.
Our hopes and dreams
roll back the gloom to expose
the possibilities once obscured
by ignorance and folly.

Pay attention to the eyes
of every new acquaintance.
Linger awhile, perchance the
ancient pact reveals itself there.

Hold each embrace a moment longer
lest that breath, that softening
tell of the vow we made

And listen please for clues
that we share an ever-present longing
for wholeness and an end to suffering.

In these ways and more
a scattered tribe is refinding itself
and what it means to be human,
agents both of death and destruction
and the birth and recreation
of our common future.

Sweet the miracles
available in our midst,
tender the space for our communing,
for your hero’s journey
and mine.

Our shared vision and
the inner knowing arising in us all
makes available enough light
for us to see and be seen
by another such gathering,
another glimmering in the emerging web
of light
of you and me,
of hope.