Jon has had the great privilege over the last 15 years of holding hundreds of people as they make transformations in their lives. This have taken many forms: making our lives matter, succeeding at work or in relationships.  

The common denominator is always a deep desire and a willingness to sacrifice cherished habits and beliefs for transformation to occur.



Transformation is different from change; new results can be achieved by our actions that are not limited or predicated by what has happened in the past. In contrast change offers us a movement based on what has happened to date. Efficiencies, improvements, babies growing into adults; that's change. Transformation is quantum leaps, new contexts, caterpillars becoming butterflies. 

How it works

The coaching process is based on you unlocking your own wisdom and truth. Doing this can require that we remove or disable old, limited ways of thinking, to make space for new possibilities. Think of Jon as your guide in this process, not there to provide answers but to ask the right questions.


What people are saying:

  • "thank you so much. I would like to thank you for your inspiration. You gave me hope to carry on and keep on believing in the vision! You were very instrumental! Your light shines brighter than a thousand suns and 1001 moons and stars, lighting other lights and so the rays of light connect and shine for our planet."
  • "I want to thank you for your compassion and insight"
  • "You have an amazing presence.thank you for your warm loving encouraging transmit so much love and trust, you are such a loving deep spirit, and your words really can bring healing."
  • "Jon, I'm so grateful for the way you do what you do.  Your voice is a delicious instrument for hope and trust.  When I hear you speak, I can say anything, even the most "shadow" part of what limits me in my ability to see and act authentically with our challenges."
  • "I want to tell you how grateful I am for your energetical  support (sic), for your love and kindness, and trust in my self, I  am really feeling at ease when I am around you and you have the ability to help a person be at their best."

Introductory Session

Choosing a coach is a very personal decision, and one to take carefully. To help you in this Jon is always willing to offer a free 1-hour session.

To take up this offer, simply submit your details here.