Singing Your Song

Finding your own unique contribution in the world is an essential part of leading a healthy life. It is the first practical step towards a life of personal flourishing and meaningful contribution. Download my free worksheet at the bottom of this page and start your journey.

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This blog in a nutshell

•   You have a unique song to sing

•   Singing it is key to your flourishing, just as the converse is true . . .

•   Resisting your song will constrict your life force

•   An authentic song serves all of life, which means . . .

•   A song that doesn’t serve all of life is not your authentic song

•   Finding and singing your song is sacred work

We all have a song

You are one in 7 billion. Your combination of perspective, passions and talents is truly unique. You have a song that is yours to sing. This contribution can be brought by no one else but you. If you don’t bring your song, it will remain forever unsung.

Bringing your song is an essential function of a healthy life. Just like every other form of life, we humans only come fully alive when we express ourselves fully. Just like flowers blooming, birds singing or ants doing what ants, and only ants, can do.

Your true song, authentically sung, serves as a compliment to the flourishing of all life. And that makes it sacred work, to search for the song and the courage to sing it loud and clear.

Some background: my journey

Some years ago, I too, was crying out for clarity, searching for my way forward. I sensed there was something else I had to do and I knew that might require me changing my job. This was no small beer! It was a job that had invited me to move continents, helped me express my deep love for this world in practical ways and rewarded me with a deep sense of fulfilment. Moving on from that was a big step, and to where? To what?

I was beginning to explore what might be next. But there was no clarity. I decided to take my quest into the ceremony on the high mesa of New Mexico.

Midnight in the white light of a full moon
wrapped in a blanket,
“Great Spirit, show me what’s mine to do”
the prayer on my lips. 
But the voice in my head
sounded oh-so-much like my long-held dream
repeating itself.
In desperation I cried out to the moon
“Is that you, or is that me . . . again?”

Where were the signposts in my quest? I could only hear familiar themes playing over on my mind. I was hoping for a clearer, new and distinct message. But did I really need one?

Sometimes the process of finding our song is the eventual acceptance of our instincts. It is the final recognition that our thoughts are actually a deeper knowing and the messages we have been receiving from the world are true and actionable.

On the hill I asked for a sign, to help me know if my ever-repeating thoughts were accurate, or not.

That was when, and I kid you not,
the butterfly landed not once,
but three times on my chest and began her slow ascent to settle on my lips.

Our conversation was short, sufficient to bless my dream as heaven-sent
and she disappeared into the night.

Astonishing, miraculous! Here was an unmistakable sign that the dreams I had harboured over long years were pointing me at the song I was born to sing. A sign that seemed to promise, in the kiss of a butterfly, that the universe had my back.

It may be that you already know your song. You may be already be singing it, maybe you are even blessed to be paid for it. Congratulations. Let this be a vitalizing force in your life. Treat it as sacred. Be grateful, for the blessing is to know what is yours to do.

So where is our song to be found?

Start the search is by asking yourself 3 questions;

1. What do you love?

Doing what we love ensures that we bring our passion into play. Maybe, like me, you were schooled that doing what we love is somehow bad, or self-indulgent. I encourage you to put those thoughts aside. There are few more powerful forces than passion to mobilize us, and few more unstoppable forces than a person possessed of passion.

2. What do you do well ?

Of course we want to be in action with what we do well. You might already know what you do well. Sometimes these capacities are lurking unseen in plain sight. Being a great listener and counsellor, or caring for other people are skills not often certificated or recognized, but may be what you do oh-so-well. Only a tiny fraction of songs are sung on a stage or in a significantly visible way. Parenting, caring and nursing are just some of the roles that seem auxiliary but lie at the heart of a healthy community.

3. What does the world need?

The third element of our song, what the world needs, is maybe the most easily overlooked. Western culture encourages us to pursue personal success without consideration for the impact it has on the wider world but the idea that a harmonious society can arise from each of us acting only in our own self-interest doesn’t seem to be working for us right now, does it? There’s no right answer to what the world needs, but a good test is to ask yourself “does this support all of life?” That requires us to consider how our contribution may be viewed by our grandchildren, how it affects our precious planet and how it serves to foster peace in our own hearts and justice in the world.

The confluence of these three forces; passion, capability and need, is the sweet spot. 

Once we are clear, and committed not only does our own personal power come into play, but other forces too. 

So let’s get clear, new possibilities will emerge. The pain of regret, unfulfilment and disconnection will recede. The prize of feeling on-song, fulfilled and flowing will replace it. 

Should you know, from the kiss of fate,
that you have vision, gifts or a life that is heaven-sent,
let this story save you pain
and begin now
to finally sing your song.
— From Butterfly Kiss, Jon Symes


Support for your Next Steps

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2. For inspiration, read & listen to the full poem, Butterfly Kiss.

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