How will the dreams you write be manifest?

“Which gods choose us now and
how the dreams we write are manifest
may just depend upon our offerings and
the visions carried aloft
in a thousand upon thousand new prayers”

The beginning of 2017 has reminded me of these words that I wrote 4 years ago. Do you remember the winter solstice of 2012. ? We were approaching the end of an age - at least according to the Mayan calendar. Not sure what was coming next. “Would the world end?” was in the air.

In a sweat lodge on the frozen ground of New Mexico, praying for insight in that moment “betwixt the ages” we heard a message from spirit of guidance and ultimately, hope. The following day, in an attempt to capture this guidance, these words came to me int he form of a poem I called A Message for the New Age.

Today it seems more obvious that we are on the verge of a new age than it did back then. Turmoil around the world and the unthinkable made manifest here in the USA. Donald Trump will be President in just a couple of weeks, a huge lurch to the right threatens to undo so much hard-won progress that protects the vulnerable amongst us and the planet which houses and feeds us. The familiar tenets around which we have ordered our lives seem to have lost all currency, truth has no value, common decency has disappeared taking common sense with it. People are shocked, disorientated, uncertain, afraid.

The turmoil being played out on the political stage here seems to be mirrored elsewhere too. I see strains in peoples’ lives and relationships wherever I look, including when I look in the mirror. Last month I was back in the UK, blessed to be able to spend time with my parents, and I shared with them some of my own strains. My dad said very simply, “we don’t know what you should do or how to advise you, but we can pray.” And they did, humbly asking the God in whom they place their faith to support their son. 

Which gods choose us, and guide these next years, in our own lives or in the destiny of a nation, may just depend upon prayers like this and upon the offerings we make. 

So I’ve been thinking about making offerings. What do I offer back to support those, like my parents, who have supported me? What do I offer of thanks to those, like mother Earth, who feed me now? What can I offer in grateful reciprocity for all that blesses my life? We have something to remember about reciprocity in our lives, and about definitely about making offerings. I resolve to learn more and develop a practice around this.

My other resolution this new year is to pray more. More often and more deeply.  That the dreams I write may be manifest in elegant and powerful ways, that they may touch people and serve life. That the gods who hear our prayers and support us now can lead us through the darkness we face to a brighter day when we will come together anew to honour, protect and celebrate all of life.