Butterfly Kiss

Midnight in the white light of a full moon
wrapped in a blanket,
“Great Spirit, show me what’s mine to do”
the prayer on my lips.

But the voice in my head
sounded oh-so-much like my long-held dream
repeating itself.

In desperation I cried out to the moon
“Is that you, or is that me . . . again?”
And I beseeched, you learn how to beseech
after 4 days on the mountainside,
I beseeched
“Give me a sign, please God, give me a sign.”

That was when, and I kid you not, the butterfly landed
not once, but three times on my chest
and began her slow ascent to settle on my lips.

Our conversation was short
sufficient to bless my dream as heaven-sent
and she disappeared into the night.

I reveled in her medicine,
transformation and the dance of joy,
but it took me two more long years
to decode this transmission.

Two years of suffering
until I could see
this blessing of my dream
bestowed not possibility, but responsibility,
demanding that I act to finally sing my song.

Should you know, from the kiss of fate,
that you have vision, gifts or a life that is heaven-sent,
let this story save you pain
and begin now
to finally sing your song.
— Jon Symes