A Message for the New Age

A new star touched the Earth last night
invisible even to watching eyes
and blessed us with a new opening.
For one whole revolution,
four and twenty hours,
we were bared open
in a star kissed moment of boundless possibility betwixt the ages
- planet – people – all -

The new star, quite unlike the old,
carried away the ancient gods
and time-worn promises of salvation
that were with us at the end of time,
and left in their stead
a delicate new space, inviting,
precious as parchment snow.

Which gods choose us now
and how the dreams we write are manifest
may just depend upon our offerings
and the visions carried aloft
in a thousand upon thousand new prayers,
and upon  the future warriors,
trained and ready to love
- and love again -
life in all her guises.

Our midwives, the elder brothers, say
“Do not be afraid of the changes coming,
know only that
All Is Good.”
— Jon Symes