Working with humans . . . that's what we do!
Whatever AI and robotics might bring, the key to success remains how we work with people.
Not human resources . . . human beings. Individual, unique, fabulous and fallible
Let's learn to embrace and engage the whole human.

The Kind of Work I Do

I'm all about unlocking potential to serve new possibilities, in service of the success of your organization. So the way we work together may look like

Corporate Change
Leadership Development
Executive Coaching
Facilitating Creativity
Team Building
Skills Training
Volunteer Engagement
Diversity & Social Justice Awareness

Whatever we call it, you'll get results that advance your mission.

Some of My Clients


“If the definition of mastery is not to create many students, but to create many masters, I'd say you were in mastery:  people left affirmed, inspired, empowered, ready to move into action, clear about what was theirs to do.” –  MC, USA

"You radiate love, wisdom, compassion and creativity." – SR, Belgium

"You are such a gifted facilitator--I so enjoyed watching the Master Class in group work from you." – JD, UK

"It was such a pleasure to be in the presence of Jon Symes . . . observing his exquisite listening
and distillation of concepts while discerning the next web to create, how he remained in integrity and grounded in the possibilities." –