Manifesto for a Future Worth Choosing


We know ourselves to be citizens of the world, seed of the stars and children of the Earth, sisters and brothers all. Our genes carry the code of those who once lived in harmony with all of creation, and our hearts thirst for justice like all since torn from that life.  

We have always had the gifts to love, see beauty, tell truth, to collaborate, heal, to manifest our dreams, and long known our ancient role as custodians of life. As a growing species we have learned to map, make tools, to dissect and combine, to organize and rationalize: we’ve assumed a new responsibility, as co-creators in the great unfolding of evolution.

In the humble acceptance of these roles and wise use of these gifts lies our destiny, to know what it is to be fully human, to experience our true magnificence.


We know life as a miracle in a cosmos that’s a mystery, where this short span we have been gifted bestows on us each a priceless opportunity and undeniable right to laugh, love and sing our song.

And we know a dream has settled over the people, separating us from mother Earth, blinding us to who we really are, defying us to play small in competition and consumption, to sacrifice our unity for the illusion of individuality, manipulating our desires till we imprison ourselves behind insatiable needs and baseless fears.

This dream is infecting us all and has taken root in our habits and culture, our systems of government and forces of commerce, pursuing the never-ending quest of “progress.” The dream is a nightmare now, threatening everything we love and the very future of our children.

It is not the dream we choose, and so in the name of all who suffer and those not yet born . . .


We choose a new dream in which we play big, sing loud, love courageously, in which we see the world as a stage on which to explore the furthest reaches of what it is to be human.

We choose to recognize and use the power, privilege and agency we have been given;

  • to raise the common good over self-interest
  • o ensure dignity and justice for all
  • to find peace within and without
  • to honor and elevate the feminine
  • to heal the Earth.

We choose, and forever re-choose, to devote our energy and creativity to the manifestation of this new dream and in so doing, to make our lives truly matter,

We celebrate these choices in the great growing tribe of those awakened to know that . . .

together we can build a future worth choosing.