The context of this moment

Its clear that business-as-usual is broke, indeed it is one of the principal causes of multiple challenges for which the human race has not yet found solutions. So in every sector, governmental, corporate, non-governmental, we are challenged to transform our activities in order that we can transform our impact as a species.  To the discerning eye the goal that has replaced economic growth is the development of new systems and structures that can allow humankind to meet its needs in a fashion that is sustainable and socially just. This requires leadership willing and able to;

  • review business-as-usual and identify what’s no longer serving
  • create transformation of worldviews for self and organizations
  • re-choose how we see and operate in the world

To do this successfully requires new capacities; the willingness to surrender habitual patterns and long-cherished beliefs, the ability to not-know and still operate, the confidence to source information and guidance form new sources, and others. Just as the butterfly is not visible to the caterpillar, we need to embrace transformation, the birth of the not-previously-visible in support of the health and impact of our organizations and their people.

The scope of Support

Jon provides careful guidance through each of these stages;

  1. Relationship Building: earning the trust and confidence of the key players in order to assess the needs of the organization
  2. Discovery: delving into what is, asking questions and listening carefully to assure the intended outcomes can be met
  3. Intervention Design: finding the most appropriate combination of interventions to 
  4. Delivery: executing the plan, with skill, tact and flexibility to meet the unexpected
  5. Review: assessment of the impact of the intervention and the new

Having built his own international consulting business in Europe starting in the early 90's, Jon has acquired and proven all of the skills needed to carry out each of these steps.


SKills and Capacities

Jon has more than 20 years experience in delivering training, development and OD work and offers the following skills;

  • Client Relationship Management
  • Program Design
  • Facilitation
  • Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching


  • "t was such a pleasure to be in the presence of Jon Symes ....observing his exquisite listening and distillation of concepts while discerning the next web to he remained in integrity and grounded in the possibilities"
  • "If the definition of mastery is not to create many students, but to create many masters, I'd say you were in mastery:  people left affirmed, inspired, empowered, ready to move into action, clear about what was theirs to do"
  • "You are such a gifted facilitator--I so enjoyed watching the Master Class in group work from you"