seeded inside of you
as surely as towering oak in tiny acorn
the full majesty of a real human being
is wait patiently for you
to begin the becoming
— Begin the Becoming, Jon Symes

What is the Journey of Becoming

The Journey guides you through carefully curated steps designed for you to re-choose the way in which you see and shape your world.

Liberated by this you can then very deliberately create a new future: we call it a future worth choosing.

Why take the journey

This is the perfect way to break out of old patterns that are limiting you, or to find a newly empowered stand in these times of turmoil. 


The Steps of the journey

You start by evaluating and re-choosing your world-view, your core sense of who you are and what matters most in your life.

Then you're ready to find your song, the unique gift you have to bring into the world.

You'll discover what it takes for you to sing this proudly in the world and gather the resources you require.

Finally you harness all of these new perspectives to design a compelling new future and plan how you will create this.

When we can embrace all of what it means to be human
we can begin to reclaim our capacity to thrive,
to bring the majesty of our full selves to bear
on our own lives and to contribute to our collective future.  


Personal Guide

Walking hand-in-hand with Jon as your guide.
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 Group Enquiry

Refinding Ourselves, a journey with fellow enquirers
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Free-to-use, hope it all helps.
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