BANNER: Design a life of meaning and purpose

We're searching! For success and fulfillment, to find meaning and purpose, to have more love and less suffering in our lives. Yet this seems elusive, "there's more to life, if only I could find it." And our search takes place in a the wider landscape of today, with its perils and uncertainties, challenges and opportunities. This can all seem exhilarating, a great adventure, or sometimes difficult and scary. Welcome to being human.

And being human, fully human is the answer too. When we embrace all of who we are, in a grounded understanding of what it is to be human we can find a way of seeing the world and standing in it that gives is comfort, we can find ways to move in it that have meaning adn bring fulfulment. We can be fully alive. 

What is true for us as humans;

  • each of us have a great store of untapped capability inside of ourselves
  • there are as-yet unimagined possibilities available for each of us
  • our greatest battle is with our self
  • challenges continue to present themselves until we surmount them at a fundamental level
  • life is conspiring to support us when we align ourselves with it

If you resonate with this point of view know you are not alone, even though it may feel so. This is the angst of so many of us striving for happiness and a sense of meaning.

Begin the Becoming

seeded inside of you
as surely as towering oak in tiny acorn
the full majesty of a real human being
is wait patiently for you
to begin the becoming

who you are now can no more contain you
than the acorn cup hold back the tree
carrying you to release at the moment
when you begin your becoming

the infinite possibility you may become
lies in space not yet mapped
beyond the realm of imagination
anything you dare to dream can be
so begin the becoming