Is your organisation trapped in a profit-focused bubble that is only driving short-term results?

Maybe it’s talent; you’re struggling to attract the best people, failing to engage them fully or losing them to other ventures. Or perhaps you simply feel that your employees’ hearts aren’t in the job.

And what about people and planet - are these goals neglected?

The way you nurture and develop your workforce is reflected in your organisation’s overall performance on each of the 3 P-measures. I can help you to unlock the fullest contribution of your team and to successfully elicit better performance in each area.

During my 30+ years working blue chip clients, not-for-profits and social ventures, I have successfully developed an effective approach, combining innovation and results-focus. Through  inspiration and transformation, I’ll show you ways to empower your team and fulfil your organisation’s responsibility towards people, the planet and your profit.

With passion, skills and vision combined, we can create circumstances for your workforce to unlock people’s engagement and vision. As they flourish, new expression and fresh commitment are available in service of your organizations goals. Or maybe writing new goals!

Stop fighting through day-by-day! Let your people free and you’ll see them flourishing, creative, collaborating in new ways and realising new possibilities.

Whatever has brought you here, I would love to hear about the challenges you are facing. Please give me a call on xxxxxxxx or email me at jon@emailaddress for a free, informal chat and let’s see if we can work together to create circumstances for your workforce to thrive, both individually and collectively.

The Kind of Work I Do

  • Corporate Change

  • Leadership Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • Facilitating Creativity

  • Team Building

  • Skills Training

  • Volunteer Engagement

  • Diversity & Social Justice Awareness

Whatever we call it, you'll get results that advance your mission.

Some of My Clients


“If the definition of mastery is not to create many students, but to create many masters, I'd say you were in mastery:  people left affirmed, inspired, empowered, ready to move into action, clear about what was theirs to do.” –  MC, USA

"You radiate love, wisdom, compassion and creativity." – SR, Belgium

"You are such a gifted facilitator--I so enjoyed watching the Master Class in group work from you." – JD, UK

"It was such a pleasure to be in the presence of Jon Symes . . . observing his exquisite listening
and distillation of concepts while discerning the next web to create, how he remained in integrity and grounded in the possibilities." –