I work with clients organizations of all shapes and sizes.

They share a common desire – to reach into the untapped potential of the organization and to reach as-yet unimagined possibilities.
They believe that they employ good, talented people, but are frustrated with how this translates into results.
They have tried different approaches to motivate, inspire or train their people, without yet achieving the results of which they dreamed.
And the pressure to perform is unrelenting.

My work with organizations rests in the knowing that the organizations where we spend so much of our time can be the place where we can find the greatest sense of meaning and contribution. In the right circumstances we can access our unrealized potential and from there, new unimagined possibilities arise. We're talking art, not science. We're advancing the mission of the organization and touching peoples' lives.

In our rapidly changing times, no set of assumptions should be left unchecked. Markets are morphing, customers changing, direction needs re-evaluation: constantly. We want to consciously choose, and continually re-choose, our where we're going and why, how we're getting there and with whom?

We'll call on a few core principles;

  • great leadership can align people with the mission of the organization
  • outstanding leadership finds new possibilities for the organization from the fully expressed capabilities of its people
  • unlocking those capabilities is the difference that makes a difference
  • the possibility of transformation exists, for the bold, beyond the probable success of well-executed plans
  • in rapidly changing times continually re-choosing what we do is necessary for survival

And all of our work together should marshal these elements;


You have specific goals to achieve or complex organizational problems to solve. I'll design and deliver a blend of interventions to achieve the impact you need.



Deep Looking

This will show us the origin of problems and the source of solutions. And of course, we will reveal the fullest expression and contribution of your team.


Where some see change is possible, I say transformation is available, to a trained eye and deft hand.
Why settle for less?

The Kind of Work I Do

I'm all about unlocking potential to serve new possibilities, in service of the success of your organization. So the way we work together may look like

Corporate Change
Leadership Development
Executive Coaching
Facilitating Creativity
Team Building
Skills Training
Volunteer Engagement
Diversity & Social Justice Awareness

Whatever we call it, you'll get results that advance your mission.

Some of My Clients


My background

Freelance Consulting and Coaching (USA)                                                                   2017 -

Pantropic Ecuador, Managing Director                                                                       2015 - 16

  • established new social business in Ecuador

Pachamama Alliance (USA), International Outreach & Program Director              2007 - 14

  • expanded international program to reach 20+ countries in 15+ languages
  • developed and delivered transformative programs for 4,000 volunteers worldwide
  • forged alliances with international program partners

CPS International (UK), Founder & Managing Director                                              1995 - 06

  • established innovative consulting practice serving blue-chip clients throughout Europe
  • pioneered results-led programs, e.g. for high street retail client delivering sales growth of 10+%
  • developed successful programs for culture change, leadership development, applied creativity, mentoring and skills training in coaching, communication and management

Additional Experiences

  • I've chaired boards, run neighborhood groups, resuscitated youth clubs, helped steer non-profits and charities, counseled individuals and spoken to audiences of thousands