Would you like to feel more aligned with life and find your meaningful contribution in the world?

Perhaps you are feeling unfulfilled, conflicted, unexpressed or concerned, and looking to find a place of satisfaction and fulfilment, a place where you can thrive and flourish.

Maybe you are setting up a business, embarking on a new project or facing a big change.

I can guide you on your journey of becoming, help you transcend that next step, even serve as doula as you birth your vision.

I will offer my extraordinarily broad, yet grounded experience to support you on your journey, together we will explore what it means to be fully human. You will re-choose You and explore possible solutions and new scenarios that will help you to find and express the song you were born to sing.

Through a combination of ancient wisdom, modern insight and searching self-enquiry, we will set you on a trajectory that points forward into more powerful world views, bold fresh vision, effective strategies, action of course, and, from there, fulfillment.

I will be with you every step of the way, joining you as a thinking partner, co-creator, strategic advisor, coach and advocate.

Whatever has brought you here, I would love to hear about the challenges you are facing. Please give me a call on xxxxxxxx or email me at jon@emailaddress for a free, informal call and let’s see if we can embark on a journey of discovery together.


Begin the Becoming

seeded inside of you
as surely as towering oak in tiny acorn
the full majesty of a real human being
is wait patiently for you
to begin the becoming

who you are now can no more contain you
than the acorn cup hold back the tree
carrying you to release at the moment
when you begin your becoming

the infinite possibility you may become
lies in space not yet mapped
beyond the realm of imagination
anything you dare to dream can be
so begin the becoming


My Coaching Offer

I'm privileged to have coached hundreds of people over 20 years and have distilled this experience into these ways in which I can best serve you;

Coaching Conversation

Share with me a situation where you are stuck or out of options and I will help you find new options and plan next steps that realize your goal. This can sometimes be a single session, sometimes 2 or 3 to get you back into purposeful motion.

Coaching Relationship

Committing to work together over a few sessions allows us to delve deeper into the patterns with which you experience and navigate life. From this place the more fundamental shifts are visible and we can create strategies to deal with current challenges and future scenarios. Typically we will lay out a 3 month program with a clear focus and a measurable end point.

Business Coaching

Tell me about your business, its hopes and dreams, its challenges and shortfalls. With a wealth of experience in businesses large and small I will help you analyze, prioritize and plan where to put your attention to find the difference that makes a difference.

Group Enquiry

In the comfort and safety of a small group of equally committed enquirers we take on a shared enquiry, and then help each other along the way. For many people this is a rich and powerful experience. These group programs span 6 or 8 weeks and involve group and individual calls, plus background reading and preparatory work.

What People are saying

"thank you for your inspiration. You gave me hope to carry on and keep on believing in the vision! Your light shines brighter than a thousand suns"

 "I want to thank you for your compassion and insight."

"You have an amazing presence."

"thank you for your warm loving encouraging words..you transmit so much love and trust..."

"Your voice is a delicious instrument for hope and trust.  When I hear you speak, I can say anything, even the most "shadow" part of what limits me in my ability to see and act authentically with our challenges." 

"you have the ability to help a person BE AT THEIR BEST..."