There are few more satisfying experiences than helping another person to find fresh vision, effective strategies and more holistic world-views, in support of their flourishing and a more harmonious world.
— Jon Symes

We say No More.

No more to feeling unfulfilled, adrift, disillusioned or depressed.
No more to leaving your song unsung. 
No more to settling or just getting by.

When we Embrace change

It is our birthright to thrive and reach for our dreams.
When we escape from the the habits and constraints that keep us stuck,
we are finally free.



Yes to flourishing. To feeling vital and fulfilled. To laughter and joy.
Yes to a life of meaning, lived large. For you.                                    
Yes to contributing your song to the whole harmony. For all of us. 


I'm privileged to have coached hundreds of people over 20 years and have distilled this experience into these ways in which I can best serve you;




Share with me a situation where you are stuck or out of options and I will help you find new options and plan next steps that realize your goal. This can sometimes be as simple as a single session, sometimes 2 or 3, to get you back into purposeful motion.

This is ideal for people facing specific, and perhaps, short-term challenges.

COACHING Relationship

Committing to work together for 3 months allows us to delve deeper into the patterns with which you experience and navigate life. From this place the more fundamental shifts can be seen, and facilitated. We'll create strategies to deal with current challenges and open up future scenarios. From the beginning we'll work with the end in mind; equipping you to continue your path of growth unaided.

Ideal for those wishing to make significant changes, of direction or career or style of life.

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Partnership Bike -vila-140207-unsplash.jpg


COACHING partnership

Beyond relationship is a deeper, even more powerful level of collaboration.  You invite me fully into the ventures which are most important to you and, as well as coach, I become your thinking partner, co-creator and ally. In this way of working I am on your team, contributing ideas, experience and often delegated activities capable of accelerating your progress toward your vision manifesting in full.

This is ideal for those of you wanting to birth a new venture or start an important new project.


"I'm fortunate to have been coaching people for more than 20 years. Early on my tool-kit was built around what I'd learned as a Master Practitioner and Trainer in NLP. And over time I've been able to add insights and tools from other strands of coaching and other modalities. Today I can call on a wide array of options and perspectives that include the best of organizational development thinking, ancient wisdom from elders of our first peoples, new paradigm evolutionary consciousness and my own ever-deepening intuition.

Drawing on these eclectic approaches, coupled with a deep love for serving people in their own liberation from constraint and a strategy to become unneeded by my clients as soon a possible, make coaching an abiding joy and a great source of fulfillment for me."

- Jon


"thank you for your inspiration. You gave me hope to carry on and keep on believing in the vision! Your light shines brighter than a thousand suns"

 "I want to thank you for your compassion and insight."

"You have an amazing presence."

"thank you for your warm loving encouraging transmit so much love and trust..."

"Your voice is a delicious instrument for hope and trust.  When I hear you speak, I can say anything, even the most "shadow" part of what limits me in my ability to see and act authentically with our challenges." 

"you have the ability to help a person BE AT THEIR BEST..."