Re-choosing Commitments: to re-charge your life

I was inspired by my own blog. To re-choose what I'm committed to. I'm sharing this in the hope that it inspires you . . . and you, dear readers, also provide me with an accountability that will harden my resolve in the weeks and months ahead. Thanks for that.

What am I committed to? In the early hours, not sleeping, this was the question that reverberated through my mind. I could sense that a renewal of my commitment was calling me. To provide that impetus, that motivation, that clarity so needed for any meaningful endeavor in life.

The question took me to a couple of surprising, and rewarding places.

Commitment #1: me. I struggle with this all the time, so let's dive into it . . .my first pledge is to look after myself, better and more consistently than ever before. I know from experience that when I neglect this it undermines all else. My creativity, my productivity, my centeredness, my service to other people, all these stem from taking care of my own wellbeing. And that's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. So what will I do? I have a morning routine that involves meditation, stretching, journalling, planning the day and coffee. I'll share about that in another post, but believe me, starting the day right is an indispensable condition of success. The bonus: when we serve ourselves fully, it serves others too.

Commitment #2: to Sand and me. I'm lucky enough to share my life with an extraordinary woman, my wife Sand. With her support and encouragement anything is possible, with my support and encouragement her light shines bright in the world. And, like any married couple, it can be easy to take this partnership for granted. We can both lapse into this and neglect nourishing our love and our relationship. So my commitment is to find a still deeper level of love from which to partner with this woman. A love profound enough to dissolve those conditions and restrictions we often place on our love for other people. I've just had a huge insight in this area, another upcoming post, but suffice to say I am renewed in my commitment to nourish us. The bonus: when we nourish our relationship with those we love, the benefit rebounds on us too.

Commitment #3: to you as readers. OK, I know this might sound cheesy, or manipulative, but its neither. This is my principal service in the world right now, delivered here through this web-site, to you. And, to be confessional, I know I have not always been fully committed to maintaining a service to you as readers at this web-site. So today I renew my commitment to you all, and to developing this web-site as a source of inspiration and tools for you to live the fullest lives possible, for yourselves and all that you can touch. The bonus: when we serve others, we get to find what our gifts truly are.

When I re-chose these commitments this morning I had no thought to share them here, but it seems so obvious now to write this post, to encourage you to re-visit what you are committed to. What will you prioritize? What will you uphold above all else? What's important enough to be assured of your energy and care? If you are moved to do so, please add your thoughts into the comments below.

And thank you for being readers here.