Praying for a Vision

In a couple of days Sand and I are heading for New Mexico, to the magic land where we will do a Vision Quest. 

A part of a four year commitment we will once again be heading for the mesa stripped of everything bar a pair of shorts or a dress and a couple of blankets (I choose shorts, sand will take the dress). With that we'll spend four days and nights alone with pachamama and our prayers.

The ceremony remains one of the most powerful we know to break us out of "normal" and help reveal the deeper experience of life that we lose sight of day-by-day. Restricted to just a few square yards of hillside, deprived of comfort and even food and water for these days, all in the space of deep ceremony, this is enough to take participants beyond the limits of mind to a place of deeper connection with the world. This reveals itself in myriad ways; clouds, birds and insects, flowers and trees, thunder and lightening become companions and then messengers. 

I first thought Vision Quest was an endurance test, with enough personal willpower and determination I could survive it. I quickly learned it is far from a solitary endeavour - you can only survive on the hill with the support and prayers of a dedicated community of supporters.

The folk in camp, and friends around the world, hold a space of prayer and eat and drink on our behalf. So Sand and I cordially invite you, if you so choose, to hold us and all the Questers in your thoughts and prayers in the first week of June. Each time you take a drink or eat something please think about all of those raising their prayers in Vision Quest and all of those throughout the world without enough food and water.

In turn we will be praying that our family, friends and all of those in need will find spirit available in their lives. And we will pray that spirit continues to guide the two of us, saying yes to all that life brings to us.

Mitakuye Oyasin (all our relations).