It's Time to Choose Where to Stand

Its so interesting, I recorded a poem last month It’s Time to Choose Where to Stand., not realizing how prophetic those words would become.  And now watching friends and others share their reaction to the Trump victory on Facebook and else where, talking with good friends, I’m beginning to work through some of my own reactions. Paying attention to what’s shifting with the election news, I get to see;

  • The unconscious and unexamined assumption I had that I was “safe” because I was born in a white, male skin – GONE – I begin to feel now what every native, black or brown American might feel at the start of each and every day
  • The unconscious and unexamined assumption that more-of-the-same from the movement for change will eventually triumph – GONE – in its place the realization that all that has gone before is insufficient, not wrong, no not at all wrong, but insufficient nonetheless
  • The illusion that we might turn the ship around in this generation – GONE – we can’t count on bequeathing a whole and healed world to our children or grandchildren, rather we have to raise them to take up their role, when they are ready, as responsible custodians of life, willing to love, and fight, for what’s right
  • The reminder that, frightening as the new watch keeper in the White House is, he is just a figurehead for powerful, established interests that are committed that our course remains unchanged. An honest and decent man at the helm for 8 years with a promise of change had way less impact than we hoped. We have work to do until we shift the systems, regardless of the figurehead
  • The realization that 59 million US Americans voted as they did reveals that today’s circumstances can only be seen as the natural, unavoidable product of the American dream. These aren’t bad people, but they have been raised and educated in a culture that panders to our base fears and promotes personal betterment at the expense of social responsibility. Trump sounds a note that resonates with people acculturated in this way
  • Someone, anyone, us I guess, needs to articulate and build a new vision,  of what it means to be human; a vision more beautiful, more compelling than the fodder that has been dangled in front of a discouraged, divided electorate here
  • At least the road ahead is clear now, no more waiting and hoping that a decent political leader will lead us forward. Thank you Tony Blair, thank you Barak Obama for showing us that principled platforms disappear when high office is assumed, even if we try to hold their feet to the fire. So its up to us, felt more keenly in my body today than ever before
  • We were born for this, a phrase that is doing the rounds today. Not born for easy times and change-lite, but here with the deep love of humanity and our Earth home that will fuel us through difficult times, prevent us from falling into the grip of despair, keep us hopeful, reaching out and rising

Some questions that come with these insights follow;

  • what specifically has been infringed that wasn't previously? what exactly has changed? in the world? in me? The answer to these questions will help me see all of the unexamined assumptions that are challenged right now, and thus know myself better
  • what, specifically, will I do now? do differently now?
  • what am I willing to do now, that I wasn't before? 
  • what will I not do now that I was previously?

I also remembered to ask myself - what do I know to be true? that I can hold onto when so may things have been shaken?

Its a time of reflection, grieving maybe, then to re-choose our stand and into whatever action that dictates.