The Next Chapter begins

Peru beckons. Sand and I will be moving in January to live there for the foreseeable future.

We’ve enjoyed eight years of the Bay Area and made life-long friends here, yet the call of spirit has us, once again, pack up our lives on one continent and move to another. Our destination is the tiny town of Pisac, nestled in the Sacred Valley of the Peruvian Andes. We’ll be living with our friend and teacher, Luzma, and hoping to find opportunities to serve some of the exciting work she is pioneering there. But in truth, we travel there without jobs, without income and without speaking Spanish, trusting the guidance that says Go! 

It is so extraordinarily liberating to jump into the flow this way and we know how blessed we are to have each other to adventure with. And, just as when we moved here from the UK, we truly have no idea how long this next chapter might last, what doors it will open or where we will go after that.

Spirit has already embracing our Yes. We didn’t know so many of our friends know people in Peru, and new connections are appearing by the day, on facebook, email and in person. We hope to visit the Q'ero people in the mountains close to the Sacred Valley, where we know one of the elders. We've been invited to spend some time living with the Shuar people of neighboring Ecuador, who still live in the depths of unspoilt rainforest in ways their ancestors have known for centuries, an amazing privilege and opportunity.   

We’re fortunate to be leading a Pachamama Alliance journey to Ecuador in March and we will be welcoming visitors to Peru before the end of 2015. We will be living “just down the trail” from Machu Picchu, and with the local connections we will are developing we will create amazing tours of this mystical area.

Our chapter in the USA has been wonderful. For Jon, eight years of service to the Pachamama Alliance, spreading that work around the USA and around the world; for Sand finding her incredible capacity as a healer, there will be many clients broken-hearted to see her go.

Family and friends have greeted this news, for the most part, with three reactions; surprise, delight for us and a wistful look. As one of our friends so poignantly said, this news serves to remind her of the freedom she has every day, ready to be claimed with the choices she makes every day.

Sand and I know that there is a spirit flowing through all of us, the spirit of uprising, which wants to lift us all into our fullest humanness; awake, joyful, creative, collaborative, in service of life, to be real human beings, to be truly alive. May our next step, and yours, be a giant step of uprising.

For those who are still asking "why are you going?" we hope this short poem will help explain;

Breakfast on Thanksgiving
before the coffee came
we heard the sacred call
she seemed to know our names.

Melody from Pisac 
approached the table bare,
smiled and said its time now
and offered us her fare,

of nourishment, of rest
of sacred valleys, verdant green
time to sit in wonder
of mysteries unseen.

That unbidden whisper,
an uninvited guest
sought an open listening
pierced us in the breast.

The omelette soon forgotten
the coffee getting cold.
Would we heed the calling,
could we be that bold?

To leave our home again,
to move five thousand miles,
to up and start all over,
embrace the coming trials

The hunger being fed now
is the deepest one of all:
to follow, love and serve,
we’ll answer spirits call.

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