About Jon

"I was blessed, and cursed maybe, by an abiding curiosity about the world and a deep desire to contribute to it in some positive way. Like so many of us, I had to push outside of the conformity I was raised in to find answers to the seeming paradoxes I saw in the world.
I grasped how to thrive in a huge multi-national, found the energy to found and grow my own businesses, heard the call to add my voice to the work of a global non-profit, risked all to establish a social venture in South America. Every step priceless.
I learned from books, courses, self-proclaimed experts, humble shaman, practicing yogis and the thousands of ordinary people I've met around the world who have the courage to explore their own humanity, and express their passion to contribute to a better world.
Assembling this breadth and depth of experience readies me now for the work that's mine to do - exploring our journey into being fully human. And offering that in two vital domains: people determined to shine their light in the world and organizations with the audacity to embrace the fullest impact they can have on our world."
- Jon

What Jon Brings


The unceasing quest for what's new, what works. And the conviction that there are always better alternatives.


The rare ability to encourage others to see differently, to free themselves from the chains of what-is.


Holding space for the unpredictable a-ha that generates fresh possibilities.


Put in another way

Jon Symes is an internationally-known coach, consultant and expert in results-orientated people development. As a speaker, writer and poet his themes embrace what it is to live a life fully human and our choices as a species teetering on the brink of catastrophe.

After graduating from Imperial College London with a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering, Jon spent the first 7 years of his career at one of the UK’s most prestigious companies, Imperial Chemical Industries. A young man working in the corporate world, he became intrigued by the realm of leadership and personal development and soon enough had set up his own consultancy business.

For 11 years, Jon worked with clients including Bank of Scotland, Bristol-Myers Squibb  and Nestle, successfully helping these organisations to innovate new ways to engaged and upskill their people. In 1998 he published his first book, Realigning for Change: 8 Principles for Successful Change Management.

At the turn of the millenium, , Jon became gripped by a much larger concern; the trajectory of the human family, the multiple challenges assailing us and the need  to create a sustainable and just future for our children and grandchildren. A period of discovery and self-enquiry led Jon to his second book, Your Planet Needs You, published in the UK. Almost immediately the book led to an invitation to join the team of the Pachamama Alliance in San Francisco, supporting thier mission to develop that just and sustainable future.

In this new chapter, Jon was spearheading the spread of this organization around the world, to China, India and over 60 countries. He was also fascinated by the work to empower indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture. Jon felt that the wisdom of these indigenous people was a much–needed and absent voice in the global conversation and he began to incorporate this wisdom in to his work with people.

Jon is a rounded, grounded and straight-talking consultant with a rare understanding of three sectors; corporate, not-for profit and social ventures.

His experience of living on three continents, both inside and outside of the ‘modern dream’, make him uniquely positioned to inspire others to expand their way of seeing the world and to inspire transformation for individuals and organizations.