About Jon

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I'm alive on this beautiful planet, which makes me a custodian.
I'm a poet singing songs of uprising, which teaches me the courage required to share my full voice.
I'm a husband, blessed to share my life with Sand.
I'm a father, wanting to be the stable bow from which arrows fly true.
I'm sometimes a teacher or a coach and always a student.
I'm a stand for a future worth choosing, because we have the precious gift of choice and so much suffering is unnecessary.
I thrive on inspiring, connecting and awakening people into the worldwide movement for change, because our planet needs us. 
I can help you to connect dots, reach further, see more clearly, hold possibility, find hope, gather will and channel energy.
Most of all I love helping people find their voice and contribution in the scary, big, rich and gorgeous moment in time.

What people are Saying

"Thanks for gifting the world with your wisdom and inspiration!"
"What a champion, ambassador and pioneer you are, generating around you champions, ambassadors and pioneers of the New Dream."
 ""You are the most cheerful, positive, caring Englishman I know:)"
"I wanted to thank you personally for experiencing your leadership, guidance, openness, integrity, vulnerability and humanness. I don't know you that well, but feel I can say you are the kind of man I try be in the world."