"A scattered tribe is re-finding itself and what it means to be human,
agents both of death and destruction
and the birth and re-creation of our common future."

from The Gathering Tribe



Jon Symes

is a writer, poet and speaker generating inspiration for us to re-choose life and for this scattered tribe re-membering itself.
He is a coach, consultant and facilitator creating spaces for transformation, so we can learn to look at the world differently. 
He is the author of Your Planet Needs You, a handbook for creating the world we want. 

Re-choosing Life

We are alive at a moment of great peril and huge opportunity. The extent of the impact of human beings is becoming clear, in the destruction of other life here on Planet Earth, and in the huge and unnecessary suffering we inflict upon each other and ourselves.

Re-choosing life is to consciously review the choices we take and and the impacts our lives have. May all our choices be conscious. 

An Album of poetry

Jon's first album of poetry, set to the music of ancestral instruments form the Andes. Please support the kickstarter.

Read the  full Manifesto for a Future worth chosing