Rising to meet the opportunity of our own lives can be a challenge.
Offering leadership and contribution in times of great change, more so.

Welcome to being human!

My passion is to support people in finding personal success, meaning and fulfillment,
discovering the leadership they have to offer
and contributing to a thriving future for all. 


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Working with Humans

Not human resources . . . human beings. How do we fully engage all that each of us has to bring? And reach beyond the predictable?

Jon brings 20+ years of experience of proven, profit-generating consulting to your organization | read more.


How to be Human

We each have this one precious opportunity to laugh, love and sing our song. What we make of that, how we be and what we do depends upon how we embrace our truest self. 

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As a coach Jon has had the privilege of holding thousands of people as they took on the challenge of being fully human | read more.



Human Stories

We still crave stories, to lift our spirits, to bond us, inspire us for the path not-yet trodden. Words woven to touch hearts. 

Be captivated, inspired, provoked moved to action, by Jon the story-teller, poet and speaker | read more.